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Fast and secure Managed WordPress with fair billing!

We offer Docker technology with Managed WordPress hosting. What you’ll get from WP Pod;

  • Your product, service or expression reacheable from anywhere within a snap.
  • Exceptional load times are essential for Google page ranking. Know its done.
  • Your site secured like Fort Knox.
  • Scared of technology? Start with the basics and learn a new skill. Full support to become a WordPress expert.
  • Lifetime fair-billing – any possible savings passed on to you without hesitation.
  • No contracts to lock you in. Walk away anytime if unhappy.

Furthermore, answer 2 simple questions at the end of this page to make our offering perfect. We will give you 3 months hosting completely free when the product is ready.

Get 3 months hosting absolutely FREE !

The Existing WordPress Landscape

Broadly there are two types of WordPress hosting options. The self-hosted solutions at the lower end of the scale and fully Managed WordPress Hosting services at the upper end.

What is the problem with Managed WordPress hosting?

The traffic to most sites is not constant.  However, you pay a fixed price for the entire period.  This unfair especially during the startup phase of the business since the site does not use much server resources.

In addition, Managed WordPress hosting providers compromise on your freedom to manage the WordPress installation. There are restrictions on plugins and themes you can use. Furthermore, you do not have any control over configuration and upgrades.

WordPress without Compromises

WP Pod uses per-minute billing without any contracts that lock you into long periods. You get the price advantage when you consider real-world web hosting scenarios. The exact savings will depend on your application. We will provide you with a calculator to determine the savings when the product is offered.

Furthermore, we will give you the complete freedom over your site without compromising on security and performance. You get the best of both worlds – flexibility, fair prices and performance in a safe and secure environment.

The following sections give you a glimpse into how the platform works and covers both basic and advanced use cases.  The architecture of the platform has a pending patent.

You are not required know more than any other Managed Hosting environment for the basic operation of your WordPress site.

If you are a developer, however, you’ll love the features we have added to make your workflows so much easier. It’s perfect for developers from those who work with WordPress just as a hobby to serious plugin developers.

We will provide step-by-step guides so that you can begin at the basic level and move to advanced features when ready.  We are based in Australia serving and supporting the global WordPress community.

Elastic Scaling

Our containerized environment is built from the ground-up to scale well, Simply set the max level to scale. The platform will wake-up WP Pod instances as the traffic flows increases. It will do the opposite as the traffic dies down.

Each WP Pod instance has its own CPU allocation, memory and network bandwidth.  The added advantage is the level of isolation it provides to the application and data. Your application and content operate in its own secure virtualized environment.

The system ensures fair billing too. You only pay for what you use i.e. the uptime of your WP Pods.  This means you keep costs low during the start-up phase as the traffic is minimal.

WordPress Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We take care of the infrastructure and leave you to focus on your application. The WordPress stack is installed, configured and perfectly curated just for WordPress designers and developers. It will save you heaps of time and a lot of hassle. Simply focus on the design and development of your site content, plug-ins, and themes.

The platform gives full control over your WordPress installation. The CLI makes it a breeze to re-install, upgrade and update at will. If you are an agency it may come in handy to customize the install to suit customer needs. The platform further provides DDOS mitigation, version control, direct DB access, WP-CLI and access to the production environment via SSH.

Containerized Developer Workflows

We use lightweight Alpine-Linux micro-containers right across our platform. The micro-containers easily mimic the online site with docker-compose on the developers’ local machine.

This offers a number of advantages. The developer is able to create a staging area locally with access to a locally kept central Git repository. Any number of developers can work on the same WordPress site having their own local staging area.

The source repository containing all the revisions no longer have to be pushed to a publicly accessible server. Furthermore, you only track the source you have an interest excluding the unnecessary WordPress files.

The alternative workflow is also possible. You may use the deployed production area as a repository. The developer kit we supply comes with a customized Linux shell and a CLI that facilitate the entire workflow.

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